DigiMac Hi-Technologies was primarily established in February, 2004 as a trading and high technologies enterprise with a vision to introduce and sell high technologies products and provide innovative yet cost effective solutions to commercial, industrial and Defense markets.

DigiMac pursued their vision with total commitment & professionalism and established itself as one of the leading Solution Provider in the market. DigiMac has successfully completed many innovative, high quality and reliable solutions developed to best suit the specific requirements of the local market. 

DigiMac Major areas of expertise are as under:

Our Products cover hundreds  of applications

Embedded Computing 
Industrial and Military Computing
ARM/XScale Embedded Computing 
Applied Panel Computing / Medical Computing
Network Appliances / Compact PCI 
Automation Control & Monitoring / Test Equipment
DTOS (Design to Order Services) 
Digital Video Platforms / eVideo Solutions
Building Automation
AHRS, IMU, Gyros, INS, Magnetic Compass,
Human Machine Interface/Distributed, Industrial  &

CTOS (Configure to Order Services)

North Finder Etc
DigiMac in collaboration with the foreign associates / partners / principals may also provide building blocs for design, development & OEM manufacturing of even Mil Grade products.  Our CTOS services include Customized Defense Products development & Ruggedization.