Enabling IoT Edge Intelligence with WISE-PaaS

Digimac, in collaboration with Advantech, provides Edge-to-Cloud software and services to help the manufacturers. industry & partners, enabling real IoT-powered cloud business models in various vertical markets.

Leveraging Advantech’s extensive hardware portfolio, WISE-PaaS integrated diverse software services, including WebAccess, WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink, WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense and WISE-PaaS/VideoSense. Data collected to the WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS IoT cloud platform enables us to quickly develop SaaS and domain-specific IoT solutions for our customers.

Data Aquisition

  • Supports AMQP, MQTT, MQTT over WebSocket
  • SupportsTLS 1.2 secure transition protocol
  • High availability clustser and performance computing cluster architecture

Database Services

  • Uses PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and influxDB
  • Provides various database services per customer application

Data Analytics

  • Integrated machine learning tools, e.g. Spark, TensorFlow
  • Friendly UI and modularized design for application development
  • Flexible resource management for development by distributed computing architecture


  • powered by Grafana
  • Situation Room Dashboard supports multitenancy structure
  • Provides clear dashboard for decision makers

IoT Cloud Services

WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS – edge to cloud services

An Industrial PaaS Solution for the Edge to Cloud Service

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Microsoft Azure Pay-As-You-Go

Cloud services that provide tools, services, and more for builing Internet of Things(IoT) solutions.

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Azure Cloud Infrastructure

Pre-configure packages for fast moving to the cloud

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Arm Mbed Device Management

A centralized web-based console to remotely monitor and manage devices with LWM2M standard.

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Arm Mbed Software Update

Remote software update service for improving device longevity and reliability.

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Arm Mbed End-to-End Security

Security service with on-device protection and trusted connection to cloud.

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IoT Security Services

Acronis Backup and Recovery Solutions

Acronis provides a quick, effective and easy-to-operate backup and recovery solution. Acronis can back up the operating system, applications, settings and all of your data.

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McAfee – Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security 10 is the newest, best-performing, most effective, collaborative protection for customers.

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McAfee – Integrity Control

McAfee Integrity Security unifies the management of endpoints, networks, data, and compliance for all the McAfee products.

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McAfee – Embedded Control

McAfee Embedded Security provides complete whitelisting security function to protect your device

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McAfee – Application Control

McAfee Application Control protects your system by only allowing authorized code to run.

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McAfee- Application Control with ePO

McAfee Application Control with ePO protects your system by only allowing authorized code to run

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IoT PaaS Software Services


CNC Machine Monitoring Solution

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IoT Application Software Platform

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HMI Runtime Development Software

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WebAccess/MCM Machine Condition Monitoring software

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A web browser-based software package for networking management system

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Web-based Digital Signage Content Management System

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Remote device monitoring and management software with open and standard software development kits

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Centralized remote software upgrade server which supports application, patch, firmware, driver and BSP update

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WISE-PaaS/Security, empowered by McAfeey, provides a centralized IoT security management console on Azure to deploy security policies for data and device protection

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Protocol Converter

All-in-one message broker service which collects sensor data via various industrial protocols and then uploads to cloud

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OpenR8 Professional Edition

OpenR8 Professional Edition is AI software for everyone.

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UShop+ Store BI

Store Analytics Solutions

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Solution Packages

Centralized Security Deployment Package

Empowered by McAfee, provides a centralized IoT security management console to deploy security policies for data and device protection, with Azure VM.

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Device Management & Security Package

Remote device monitoring and management software with centralized IoT security management console on Azure VM

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Device Management Package

IoT Device Remote Monitoring and Management Cloud Service Package. Fast connect to Devices.

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Software Upgrade Deployment Package

IoT Remote Software Upgrade Cloud Service Package.
Centralized remote software upgrade server which supports application, patch, firmware, driver and BSP update, with Azure VM.

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IAdeaCare is a device intelligence and management service that helps ensure digital signage deployment runs reliably as planned.

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Intelli-Signage solutions combine highly reliable touch screen system, content design software, remote management and data analytics.

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SignApps Express Cloud

SignApps Express is an easy-to-use, WYSIWYG digital signage editor with many pre-designed templates. Support various content type and cloud update feature for wild area deployment.

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Industrial Cloud Solution

DeviceOn – IoT Device Management App

Zero-touch onboard, visualize operations, real-time actions, and remotely manage connected devices at scale.

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OEE/A – Overall Equipment Effectiveness Solution

An Industrial Cloud Solution for Real-time Machine Availability Management for Maximizing Operational Excellence

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FEMS – Factory Energy Management Solution

An Energy Management Solution Cloud Service for Optimizing Energy Efficiency in various aspect of Factory.

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Equipment Vibration Monitoring Solution

Facilities Equipment Status Monitoring and Maintenance

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M2I/CNC Machine Management Service v1.1

Industrial Cloud Solution for Machine Management

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Equipment Edge Connectivity Solution

Enable Equipment Intelligence and Asset Management

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WISE-PaaS 3.0 AIoT Edge-to-Cloud Architecture